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Your Kingdom Come...


The Lord says: 'I love it when I encounter you in your world and in your ways, but increasingly I want to encounter you in My world and in My ways'.

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Julie Meyer, worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City delivered this prophetic word over Europe at Global Awakening's Voice of the Apostles conference in Lancaster, PA on Saturday 20th October 2012.


'The Bridegroom has his eyes on Europe...He is going to set the captives free and it is going to start in Britain...We are part of the great, great story line...it is going to start like an unstoppable wildfire!'

"Hear, oh Europe. Hear, divided Europe. Your sons and your daughters are dissatisfied. This is the beginning, says the Lord, of a Reformation... A sovereign move of God will flow like a spring snow melt that begins with a trickle as the initial snow pack melts, then gains strength and rushes and roars into various watersheds for a season that will change the face of European Christianity".

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